Your support of the Henry Overholser Mansion helps to preserve history, as well as helps Preservation Oklahoma achieve our mission of promoting historic preservation statewide. 



By donating to Preservation Oklahoma, you are demonstrating your commitment to the preservation of Oklahoma's historic landmarks.  All across the state, communities are realizing the important value of these structures and your donation allows POK to assist them in preserving these irreplaceable markers. 

Donations can also be made to support POK's stewardship of the 1903 Henry Overholser Mansion.

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Historic structures, much like photographs and newspapers, tell the story of Oklahoma communities, linking the past to the present. They also provide economically vibrant locations for local businesses and residents. Since 1992, Preservation Oklahoma has worked to protect and preserve these structures through advocacy, education, and programming. By joining our efforts, you are supporting the protection of Oklahoma’s unique and diverse history. 

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